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This is just what we needed. I hated English class but really listened and learned today.

Everyone in our company needs to take this course.

I am a better writer and communicator because of this course.

For the first time, I critically looked at how I communicate and the image I am presenting.

The instructors made a dry topic very interesting.

The instructors backgrounds and knowledge of the engineering community adds credibility to the course content.

There is a good balance between instruction and exercises which keeps participants active and involved.

It gave me a better understanding of “me” and how I need to adjust to deal with different people and events.

Although this course was just 1.5 days long, it has made a big difference on my ability to communicate.

I am now not only an engineer, but an effective technical communicator!

I was resistant at first but the instructors created a comfortable environment.

The course has saved me a lot of time when writing and my audience when reading my email messages.  


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