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The course delivered more information on technical writing than I expected in a two-day format.

After taking this course, I feel more confident when speaking in front of others.

The course is extremely helpful in forcing technical professionals to 'get to the point' and use a more logical and audiencel-oriented approach to writing.

It was an excellent course and helped me organize my content when I write.

This is one of the best courses our company has sponsored and I would recommend it to any business professional.

I wish I had learned this years ago.

This writing method (the Pyramid Approch) should be the standard for the company.

It gave me a better understanding of “me” and how I need to adjust to deal with different people and events.

This is top notch. Very professional.  Ann and Lisa are awesome presenters!

I would like to commend the Instructors for keeping the course moving. This is not an easy topic to teach, and interest could have faded quickly.

I like the practical aspect of the course and admire the great cooperation between the two instructors. It was amazing!

Everyone in our company needs to take this course.


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