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Our Philosophy

Communication is what differentiates you from your competitors.  Whether you are writing or speaking, you need to be clear, concise, complete, and confident.  Your clients need to understand your ideas, solutions, concerns, and progress and if you don’t convey them well it will affect your reputation, image, and bottom line.

When technical people shy away from the soft skills and communication courses (especially writing and speaking) it is because they had a negative experience or harsh criticism at a young age.  Our attitude is that they may not have been taught a technique that resonated with their personality and learning style.

Because our facilitators all come from technical backgrounds, we design and deliver our courses with the technical person in mind.  For example, we stress that each course must be interactive and provide opportunities to practice the new concepts, which ensures the participants leave with practical skills they can use.


It gave me a better understanding of “me” and how I need to adjust to deal with different people and events.

This was a valuable use of my time.

The personal feedback on my writing was a bonus!

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