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Get to the Point! A Practical Writing Course for Technical Professionals

Written Communication

Don't waste your audience's time: Be clear, concise, complete and confident in your communications.

Most technical professionals avoided writing classes but now find that to succeed, they must be able to put their ideas and information in writing. Emails, reports, proposals, recommendations, and business cases are still the most effective way we deliver information.  How you communicate is what will differentiate you and your organization from your competition. 

We have delivered this course for nearly 50 years and offer simple yet practical techniques, designed for technical people.

This comprehensive agenda introduces participants to the Pyramid Method of WritingTM and applies it to several writing situations.  Participants will also receive personal feedback on at least three writing assignments and experience group and individual exercises.



Course Outline

This is condensed content from our two-day classroom course and delivered remotely in four webinars.  Participants will have exercises between sessions to practice the skills and will receive personal feedback on writing assignments.

May 11: Webinar 1 (1.5 hours)

•   Identifying and focusing the reader's attention on the main message

•   Applying Pyramid Method of WritingTMto organize information

•   Understanding the purpose for writing (informative or persuasive)


May 14: Webinar 2 (1.5 hours)

•   Writing action-getting requests for internal and external audiences 

•   Differentiating between "need to know" and "nice to know" information

•   Using language to create a confident image of you and your organization

•   Using the active voice to make the information easier to understand


May 19: Webinar 3 (1.5 hours)

•   Personalizing your writing to create a comfortable tone

•   Eliminating wordy expressions from your writing

•   Developing a clear, concise and complete writing style

•   Writing short reports – incident, inspection, field trip, progress and project completion


May 21: Webinar 4 (1.5 hours)

•   Using numbers and abbreviations correctly

•   Writing to multiple levels of audiences (technical and non-technical) 

•   Writing longer reports – evaluations, recommendations,


Course Testimonials

This is just what we needed. I hated English class but really listened and learned today.

This is top notch. Very professional.  Ann and Lisa are awesome presenters!

I am a better writer and communicator because of this course.


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