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Exploring Intercultural Communication

Oral Communication/People Skills/Written Communication

Diversity is not only defined by ethnicity but by work environment, hobbies, religion, lifestyle and more.

This course dives deep into all types of cultural differences between people within a firm and how these wonderful differences can be used in a positive and productive way. Topics include how diversity may effect written, oral, and interpersonal communication. 

Instructor Led

Course Outline

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize Top Intercultural Communication Hurdles
  • Understand the Importance of Studying and Improving Intercultural Communication
  • Define Culture and Cultural Identity
  • Recognize Cultures Beyond Ethnicity
  • Explore Other Cultures’ Communication Techniques 
  • Recognize Elements of Effective Written and Oral Communication 
  • Use RGI’s RISE Method to Improve Intercultural Communication

                    - Reach out to others from different cultures

                    - Improve your intercultural language skill

                    - Seek out differences among cultures (Don’t assume similarity)

                    - Eliminate stereotypes, preconceptions, and evaluations



Course Testimonials

The practical application of the course impressed me.  I expected a lecture but the exercises broke up the content.

Excellent. It was informative, a perfect pace and the instructors were great. Well done.

Lori is a sharp teacher, and it was nice to see her respond to questions and situations. She would get us back on track.

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