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Effective Meeting Skills: Coordinating and Participating

Oral Communication/People Skills

Most people hate attending meetings. Using the PAT (purpose, agenda, timeframe) approach will bring structure and discipline to a meeting and make it more productive, whether you are the chairperson or an individual participant.

Offered every Tuesday at 3:00 EST.


Course Outline

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the best format for a meeting and who needs to attend
  • Understand the roles of people attending the meeting
  • Prepare a focused meeting agenda
  • Record and format meeting minutes
  • Present information confidently and concisely as a participant
  • Encourage all meeting attendees to participate
  • Manage time and keep the meeting focused 
  • Recognize and manage different personality types
  • Understand how to manage distractions


Course Testimonials

For the first time, I critically looked at how I communicate and the image I am presenting.

Although this course was just 1.5 days long, it has made a big difference on my ability to communicate.

The practical application of the course impressed me.  I expected a lecture but the exercises broke up the content.


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