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Business Writing Basics

Written Communication

Do you write more than you ever imagined? Learn how to be comfortable and confident with this skill.

You may never meet or speak to many of your business contacts but you will write to them. And you will be judged by the way you write your emails, reports, and proposals. If all your audience knows you from is your written communications, that is how they will measure your integrity, reliability and aptitude.

Make sure the image you are presenting is the one you want. As one manager explained: "If he can't run an email through a spell check, how do I know he will calibrate the equipment?"



Instructor Led

Course Outline

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of their communication
  • Determine the “need-to-know” content vs the “nice-to-know” fluff
  • Formulate a direct yet polite opening sentence
  • Understand common grammar issues and rules
  • Direct the reader’s attention to the most important details
  • Develop a confident and professional writing style and tone 
  • Remove extra words
  • Structure information in a logical order
  • Use the active voice to show responsibility and ease readability
  • Organize information for short reports 
  • Understand effective email techniques 
  • Determine which tool to use:  email, text messages or phone
  • Be clear, concise and complete in all communications
  • Revise and edit their own or others’ writing

Participants will receive personal feedback on at least one writing assignment. 

Course Testimonials

The course was very well structured and the instructor’s charisma and sense of humor helped us stay focused.

The Pyramid Approach taught in this course provides a quick understanding of the techniques of writing.

It made me realize the impact that written communication make on a personal image.

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