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Lori is a sharp teacher, and it was nice to see her respond to questions and situations. She would get us back on track.

The personal feedback on my writing was a bonus!

This is one of the best courses our company has sponsored and I would recommend it to any business professional.

I was impressed by how engaged I was by a course on professional writing.

This was a valuable use of my time.

I am now not only an engineer, but an effective technical communicator!

It gave me a better understanding of “me” and how I need to adjust to deal with different people and events.

Excellent. I recommend this to anyone in the technical fields whose work entails any written communications.

This is just what we needed. I hated English class but really listened and learned today.

This is top notch. Very professional.  Ann and Lisa are awesome presenters!

The course delivered more information on technical writing than I expected in a two-day format.

Everyone in our company needs to take this course.


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