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There is Nothing Good or Bad, but Thinking Makes it So**

In the 21st Century, leaders are taking a closer look at the role professional business ethics play in the everyday workings of their businesses. We offer seminars that introduce the basic concepts of values and ethics, and teach leaders and management professionals how to apply ethical reasoning in corporate and nonprofit environments.

Discover the important role business ethics play in your job.  It's not about being right or wrong, it's about making sound, logical and unemotional decisions.  Rather than reciting laws and loopholes that keep you out of trouble, we teach concepts that will help you and your organization be recognized as fair and reasonable decision makers.

We can customize seminars to focus specifically on business ethics and technology and how the topic relates to specific fields and professions.  RGI is a certified professional development course provider for the New York State engineering community.

We often review an organizations Code of Ethics and present it in the class to make participants aware of what it is and how it affects them.

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**Quote from Shakespeare