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Business Writing

Never underestimate the power of a well-written document.

Reading and writing emails, letters, reports, and proposals takes up valuable business time and money.  If the message is not written well, the time and money it takes to understand it increases.  And sometimes, if the message is misunderstood, the time and money lost can be huge.  

In a business setting you have to consider the image you are presenting of you, the company, and the content of your message.  Too often, we are judged by our writing skills. Relationships can be destroyed if the tone or content are not correct.

RGI offers several Business Writing course options, including classroom, online and blended learning options.  See our calendar of events for our open registration sessions.

Call us at 866-744-3032  or email to discuss an instructor led classroom program or a blended program.

Classroom Business Writing Courses 

RGI can customize a course to meet your time and budget requirements.  We offer opportunities for participants to have their writing evaluated before, during, and after the training sessions. This is one way students can demonstrate they have learned the concepts. 

Online Business Writing Courses

Our online courses teach the same concepts we have presented to companies and organizations for nearly 50 years. But now you or your employees can learn our writing techniques at an individual pace, on time and at any location.

We offer a Foundation Course package of three courses.  For additional targeted instruction, we offer five Advanced Courses.   You can visit our e-store to purchase online courses.

Each course incorporates self-evaluation tools, so the participant is not tied to an instructor's time schedule. However, for additional feedback, two courses (Course 5 and Course 6) offer the opportunity to have a writing consultant evaluate assignments. To monitor course progress, we provide an optional exam and course completion certificates. Pause points within each course allow the participants to stop and start the course.

 Blended Business Writing Courses

Sometimes, an organization can't afford the time to have employees in the classroom for days.  RGI offers a blended environment which allows participants to cover introductory concepts in an online format so when we meet for the classroom session, we are all "on the same page" and we can cover more advanced topics in a shorter time.

The blended format offers benefits of both online and classroom training and accommodates the different learning styles.