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Decades of Experience

Our first communication courses were taught in 1972.  We were called the Roning Group Incorporated then, hence the name RGI. We have continued teaching courses under the name RGI International, Inc. and since 2000 as RGI Learning, Inc.  That's when we began our online offerings.

Several of our current clients date back to the 1970s and the key to our longterm relationships is the way we approach our training.  All of our courses are practical and allow particpants to interact with the instructors and other participants to practice the concepts and techniques they learn.  RGI's unique Pyramid Method of Writing is a simple visual way of organizing information into a coherent structure that makes it easy to understand and easy to react to.  Technical people particularly benefit from this method because the writing or speaking becomes a formula. 

All of the RGI Instructors have technical backgrounds combined with business acumen and experience.  Our mandate when developing educational programs is to ensure that we 

  • develop all content following sound instructional design concepts,
  • provide information that is practical and easy to transfer to each unique situation, and
  • present each session in a lively and engaging manner.