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Here's some of the thousands of comments we get from course participants: 

Technical Writing for Technical Professionals: 

Keep in mind, these are comments about a writing course from engineers.  
  • The course was well prepared and organized.
  • It provided a good balance of instruction and exercises keeping the participants active and involved.
  • I like the practical aspect of the course and admire the great cooperation between the two instructors. It was amazing!   
  • The quantity of material covered was extensive, but the interactions allowed for high retention.
  • This course covered topics that were very relevant to what I am do as an EIT.
  • I can’t believe the course held my attention for two days!
  • It was an excellent course and helped me organize my thinking when I write technical information.
  • Why didn’t I learn this at college?!
  • The instructors backgrounds and knowledge of the engineering community adds credibility to the course content.
  • After taking this course, I feel more confident when writing.
  • I am now not only an engineer, but an effective communicator! 
  • I wish it was longer!  (I can’t believe I said that!)
  • Everyone in our company needs to take this course.
  • The Pyramid Approach taught in this course provides a quick understanding of the techniques of writing.
  • Within the first few minutes, I realized that I write most things backwards. (The story telling method.) That “Ah Ha” moment starts you off with an open mind to the course. It makes you want to sit back and think about how you used to write, and how you need to write in the future. 
  • Excellent.  I recommend this to anyone in the technical fields whose work entails any written communications.
  • For the first time, I critically looked at how I communicate and the image I am presenting.
  • The course delivered more information on technical writing than I expected in a two-day format. It offered great interaction and made participants think carefully about writing. 
  • The personal feedback on my writing was a bonus!
  • It was geared directly towards the type of documents engineers write every day.  
  • The instructor was fantastic and made a dry topic very interesting.
  • I am a better writer and communicator because of this course.
  • This is top notch.  Very professional.
  • This is just what we needed.  I hated English class but really listened and learned today.
  • I really did not want to go to this class and then found I didn’t want it to end.
  • The instructors were able to handle all of the questions we had. 
  • The course is extremely helpful in forcing technical professionals to 'get to the point' and use a more logical and goal-oriented approach to writing.
  • One of the best seminars I have attended in my 30 year career. 
  • The course does exactly what we learned:  It gets to the point and is Clear, Concise, and Complete.

Business Writing:

  • It made me realize what an impact that written communication can make on personal image. The practical application of the course impressed me. 

  • The course has saved me a lot of time when writing and reading email messages.

  • The handouts have become my new best friend!

  • The material was relevant and current.

  • This is one of the best courses offered in house by Leadership and Organizational Development. I would recommend this to any business professional. 

  • This course should be given to everyone in the company not just the leaders. 

  • This writing method should be the standard for the company.

  • This was a valuable use of my time. 

  • This was shocking!  I wish I had learned this earlier in my life.

  • The instructor made a very frustrating topic (business writing) fun.

  • I didn’t think it was possible to learn so much is such a short time.

  • The course was very well structured and the instructor’s charisma and sense of humor helped us stay focused.

  • I was impressed by how engaged I was by a course on professional writing.

  • Often these types of courses are too watered down; That’s not the case with this one. 

Communication Skills:
  • Very good course. I would recommend it to others, and would take other courses presented by RGI in the future.
  • Although this course was just 1.5 days long, it has made a big difference on my ability to communicate.
  • Good mix of instruction and practical tips that I will incorporate into my work.
  • This course will help reduce the number of communications mistakes we experience.
  • Excellent.  It was informative, a perfect pace and the instructors were great.  Well done.



  • I was surprised at how well this fit in with other courses I have taken:  "managing emotions under pressure", "effectively communicating in the workplace", "technical writing and public speaking", etc.  
  • Lori is a sharp teacher, and it was nice to see her respond to questions and situations.  She would get us back on track.
  • This was a significant course for me because it made the understanding of "Ethics" more personal.

  • I am more confident dealing with conflicts now and will not run from them.
  • It gave me a better understanding of “me” and how I need to adjust to deal with different people and events.
  • I now have the skill to head off a potential conflict or how to resolve one in progress.
  • All managers need to take this course.
  • I can now identify conflict earlier and address it to keep in productive.
  • This course opened me up to new ideas on how to build stronger team relationships.
  • This something I should of done years ago.
  • I was resistant at first but the instructors created a comfortable environment.
  • I never thought conflict could be a good thing.  Now I understand that.
  • I would like to commend the Instructors for keeping the course moving. This is not an easy topic to teach, and interest could have faded quickly.