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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does RGI Learning provide a certificate of course completion?

Yes, at the end of each online course, the student can print a course completion certificate which indicates which courses they have completed and which exams they have passed.

 If the client specifically asks for a certificate, we can provide course completion certificates for the classroom sessions.


2.  How "technical" are your Technical Writing courses?

In the online courses, the participant identifies themselves as a technical professional and the system will direct the content to more technical examples and specific situation.  For example, the abbreviations used in a technical environment will be different than a traditional business environment.  Also the types of reports and proposals in a technical setting will be different.

In the classroom, we tailor the technical level to suit the participants. If all of the participants are engineers and scientists within the same field or organization, then the technical level and types of documents is high.  If the group is mixed, with various technical levels and disciplines, we adjust the level to suit the group make-up.