Let us help you bring out the best in your people.

RGI specializes in teaching simple yet powerful techniques to improve the skills of your technical and business professionals. Never underestimate the power of effective communication, professional behaviour and exceptional leadership; these are the skills that transform mediocre companies into great enterprises.

RGI offers a wide spectrum of courses to hone and enhance these skills. Whether writing a report, having a difficult conversation, grappling with an ethical dilemma, conducting an effective meeting, or preparing for a board meeting, RGI offers a course to prepare your team well.

We offer online training, classroom instruction, individual coaching, and custom programs, plus a variety of additional resources in technical and business communications and professional development. Call or email us to learn more.




This two-day, four-course seminar bolsters your skills for a leadership career in engineering. Prepare to open the doors of leadership opportunities by taking these specially designed courses in project management, time management, writing with confidence and speaking with confidence--all designed for the field of engineering.  

Four courses for 16 hours of leadership skills:

1. Managing Change

2. Thinking Ethically

3. Writing Reports

4. Understanding Personailites


The seminar costs $1200 CAD which includes four courses, breakfast, lunch and break snacks. Sign up now. This seminar is limited to 35 people.

Canada Dates

December 12-13, 2016               Winnipeg, Manitoba            Print Winnipeg Course Details


Clear, Concise, and Complete

Often technical professionals don't like to write, yet much of their job is communicating information.  The key to all sucessful organizations is effective communication.  

Since 1972, we have been helping engineers and other technical people improve their oral and written skills.  

Our techniques streamline the process so emails, reports, proposals, presentations, instructions and meetings are right on target.  Join us for an open registration course or work with us to develop a custom program, tailored to your group and your business.

A firm without leaders is a firm without a future.

We don't believe that leaders are born; we believe leaders are discovered, guided and mentored by other leaders. 

But do your leaders have the ability to recognize future leaders?  Do your future leaders have the tools to help them lead? 

With our Leadership Core Competency Model we can not only help you find your leaders, but we can help you identify what their strong areas are and what areas they have yet to develop. 

In our proven Leadership Institute we provide the training to help leaders excel.

The foundation of our leadership training is our unique course in Ethics. This course, created by an Ethicist, provides an interactive forum that focuses on the skills and talents needed to make well-reasoned, ethical decisions. 


Enhance Your Writing Skills 

Work at your own pace, on your own schedule, in your own space, directly from our servers.  Choose from three to eight courses depending on your needs.  

Each course incorporates self-evaluation tools, an optional exam, and a course completion certificate.  In two courses you have the option of receiving personal feedback on your writing from RGI Instructors.